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Careers / North High Tech Park / Senior IT Systems Engineer at Seatgeek

Senior IT Systems Engineer at Seatgeek

About The Position

  • Help create and implement a vision that drives us towards modern best practices for Client and Identity, including infrastructure as code and Zero Trust
  • Work across People, Corp Eng / Biz Tech (IT), and Security to automate and streamline our onboarding/offboarding processes, and make role based permissioning easy to deploy
  • Bootstrap the engineering practice for our growing client endpoint fleet, which is a mix of Mac and Windows
  • Leverage Python, Bash, etc. to automate routine tasks and integrate with APIs
  • Collaborate with Security to ensure that our client endpoints are always protected, easy to update, easy to inventory, and easy to use
  • Work with the broader Biz Tech team to provide training, documentation, and learning opportunities


  • 4+ years experience working in a fast-paced technology centric organization
  • Strong experience in Mac/Windows administration
  • Experience with Identity and Access
  • Experience as administrator for the following End User Tools: Slack, Google Workspace, and Google Meet
  • Working knowledge of these core Corporate Engineering Tools: Okta, Jamf/Kandji, Airwatch.
  • Self-starter/proactive/creative problem solver. You’re excited by diving into new challenges. Passion for delivering seamless experiences to your stakeholders
  • Experience designing, developing automations in Okta workflows, Workato, Zapier, or similar
  • Fluency in English and Hebrew

Our stack

  • Cloud Experience (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc)
  • IAC (Terraform, Cloudformation, etc)
  • Programming / Scripting with one or more languages (Python, Go, Bash, etc)
  • API knowledge - Be able to use, manipulate, and interact with APIs
  • Git (Github, Gitlab), code reviewing etc

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