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27th September, 2023

In the heart of North High Tech Park, the Workport shared workspace facility operates successfully. Workport provides not only professional services, meticulous design, availability, and transportation accessibility but also tailored support for companies at the beginning of their journey. The shared workspaces at Workport, located in the North High Tech Park, tell the story of a winning combination between an active and vibrant community of entrepreneurs that keeps growing and the Galilee landscape and green spaces that promise peace and quality of life.

From the offices at Workport, you can enjoy an open and green view. Workers, whether they are renters or self-employed, entrepreneurs, small companies, or startups, benefit not only from innovative and meticulous design but also from an environment of action, entrepreneurship, innovation, and customized guidance and support. Thus, the shared workspaces, which also include an events center, offer the ability to work at high professional standards, just like in the city center, while enjoying a quality of life and spaces unique to the north.The shared workspace and Workport facility are located on the cutting edge.

North High Tech Park was established by philanthropist Martin Moshele, an enthusiastic Zionist entrepreneur who grew up in South Africa. “Martin Moshele acted out of a vision to bring the hi-tech industry, which mostly operates in the center, to the periphery and strengthen the sector in the Galilee. Today, there is significant talent in the northern region, and the vision is to create 5,000 jobs in the eight buildings being constructed here,” says Ayeleet Tzidon, the manager of 1Workport.

Workport has successfully met the needs of hi-tech employees, startup companies, and entrepreneurs in the northern region, offering a shared workspace brand. The offices were opened in 2019 with the aim of providing a home for hi-tech companies looking to establish their operations in the north. The facility allows companies to be part of a professional community and enjoy international design standards and a wide range of services within the High Tech Park environment, which includes a professional ecosystem, content activities, enrichment, and high accessibility to top-quality talent in the north. This is in addition to support and guidance that serve as a springboard for small entrepreneurs who can create collaborations, expand, and grow. Companies of all sizes, including major established companies like Cymotive, Nayax, and Elbit Systems, rent offices in the facility for their northern operations. Workport is a shared workspace and workspace facility that is a leap forward.

“The success of the client is our success, and we work to provide the best solutions,” says Tzidon. “We believe in a flexible policy that caters to the client and even allows for customized payment plans when needed, with the vision of strengthening the hi-tech industry in the periphery. In addition, our clients receive support for their development at their own pace, with the hope that they will grow into independent businesses and eventually become permanent tenants in the park. Today, the park hosts startups, small companies, local startups, hi-tech employees, and freelancers or service providers in the hi-tech field, all operating from the Workport facility. Even large, established companies such as Cymotive, Nayax, and Elbit Systems, rent offices in the facility for their operations in the north.”

The Workport facility covers an area of 2,000 square meters and includes two floors of offices and co-working spaces, seating areas, meeting rooms with advanced multimedia equipment, and Zoom-friendly meeting rooms. There is also a pleasant balcony overlooking the park. The design of the space was carefully considered, both aesthetically and functionally, to meet all needs, from office and logistics services to coffee capsules.

The facility has about 200 permanent employees, some of whom work in a hybrid arrangement and some on a daily basis. Besides the monthly subscription, you can also purchase punch cards for ten entries without a long-term commitment. In addition to ongoing work, the facility hosts conferences, management workshops, and business events, attracting about 250 people regularly.

Employees enjoy 24/7 access to all services and even activities and events in the facility, happy hours, fruit trays, and an ice cream machine, with coffee and refreshments available even during the night. In addition, there is “Ritual Coffee” operating within the park, offering a rich dairy menu and a meat chef restaurant with a large selection, all against the backdrop of the breathtaking view of the western Galilee.


You can simply get there.

In the era of hybrid work and days characterized by heavy traffic and congestion, location holds significant weight. Workport’s new offices, in addition to their technological aspect, benefit from transportation accessibility: between Acre and karmiel, near the Ahihud train station. For those who choose to arrive by train, shuttles are available to take them to the office entrance. “We are located at a crossroads in the Galilee, accessible to anyone coming from Acre, Nahariya, Yokneam, Tivon, Haifa, Zichron Yaakov, Kfar Vradim, and even the Golan Heights, providing a clean journey without traffic jams,” says Tzidon. The shuttles are operated in the morning and afternoon hours by the park, and ample parking is available for those who prefer to arrive by car.

Tzidon, who took office in December 2021, at the end of the COVID-19 period, when the facility began to fill up, explains that convenience is not just about transportation accessibility. “The place is very spacious and has a different pace of life. Clients receive a beautifully designed hi-tech environment like in offices in the city center, but with a homely character and a personal touch,” she says. “People are drawn to a place that is highly desirable and close to home. Beyond the technological aspect, Martin Moshele’s vision was also to connect all sectors, and at Workport, Druze, Jews, Muslims, and Circassians, secular and religious, women and men, work together – a beautiful mix of the north’s mosaic. In the hi-tech sector as a whole, less than 3% of employees are from the Arab community, but at Workport, 25% of employees come from the Arab community. “For many companies, especially international ones, diversity in human capital is important, and here, it is a reality.”

Given the constant demand for its services, Workport plans to launch another building soon. It will operate on the Enterprizes model, offering a space designed for companies with short-term commitments. “We understand that some companies find the shared office model with partitioned walls and partitions expensive and want to downsize. So, we are opening spaces for them according to their needs, without partitions, and they can also use meeting rooms, lounges, and treats and be part of the community. At the end of the month, all of them receive one invoice that includes all the costs, without additional hidden fees.”

“As long as the market demands the business model that allows businesses and companies to grow realistically without getting tangled up in heavy infrastructure and service expenses, we will be there,” concludes Tzidon.

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