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North High Tech Park: A National Hub for Startups in the Heart of the Galilee

27th September, 2023

For years, “Startup Nation” was synonymous with the entrepreneurial activity primarily centered around the central region of Israel, between Tel Aviv and Herzliya. However, over the past decade, a fascinating trend has emerged – a substantial expansion of the Israeli startup ecosystem towards the north of the country, particularly in the Galilee region. Hundreds of innovators, tech professionals, and startup CEOs have chosen to establish and develop their companies in their northern district.

At the epicenter of this phenomenon stands the North High Tech Park, which has rapidly evolved into the beating heart of the Israeli startup scene. Spanning across 87 acres, the park provides advanced technological infrastructure and an ideal work environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Today, the North High Tech Park hosts approximately 30 technology companies, including around 10 dynamic young startups operating in advanced fields such as artificial intelligence, transportation, cybersecurity, agri-tech, biotech, and more. These startups benefit from the park’s advanced infrastructure, international-standard workspace design, excellent transportation access, proximity to a railway station, ample parking, and a wide range of wellness activities, professional enrichment, and networking opportunities. Additionally, they receive close guidance and support from the park’s team.

One standout success story from the park is Adva Biotechnology, a company specializing in cell cultivation for cancer treatment and autoimmune diseases. Adva Biotechnology began with just five employees in the shared WORKPORT workspace within the park, and today it employs around 30 individuals following multiple successful fundraising rounds and the leasing of additional space within the park.

According to Dr. Ohad Karnieli, CEO and founder of Adva Biotechnology, “The park provided us with a peaceful working environment that allowed us to focus on our work.”

Kiinns and Yoran Imaging are two other notable startups flourishing within the North High Tech Park, operating within the shared WORKPORT facility. Both companies specialize in Industry 4.0 technologies and process optimization in various industries.

Yoran Imaging, for instance, leverages thermal imaging, AI, and Big Data to provide solutions for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, and more. Their system detects packaging defects, greatly reducing the number of flawed products, customer returns, production waste, and associated costs.

Kiinns, on the other hand, focuses on food production and offers advanced technology that combines robotics, machine learning, and chemical engineering to eliminate the need for production line cleaning. This technology not only reduces environmental pollution but also saves manufacturers significant costs and ensures the highest food safety standards.

Tzvika Forman, CEO of Kiinns, attested, “The North High Tech Park provides startups with the perfect ecosystem for growth.”

The Northern region, particularly the Galilee, is synonymous with green landscapes, a pristine environment, and an exceptional quality of life. Therefore, it’s not surprising that startups like Agwa have emerged here, combining technological innovation with an ecological approach to healthy and high-quality food production.

Agwa, founded by an Israeli agronomist in collaboration with an AI specialist, has developed a compact, autonomous in-home unit capable of simultaneously growing dozens of chemical-free vegetable varieties. This smart system relies on seed capsules, automated irrigation, temperature and humidity control, lighting, pH regulation, and automatic fertilization, all monitored and adjusted in real-time using sensors and cameras. Agwa’s intelligent system processes data and uses machine learning to optimize plant growth, providing users with fresh, chemical-free vegetables year-round.

In the realm of smart transportation, Moovex, based in the North High Tech Park from its inception, is developing intelligent technology for real-time fleet management and optimization. Moovex’s technology creates optimal routes for vehicle fleets by processing real-time data on the fleet, drivers, and demand. Through machine learning, the system dynamically adjusts tasks and routes, taking into account various constraints and opportunities. Moovex’s technology allows for efficient fleet utilization, significant time and cost savings, and provides automated, real-time solutions for fleet management.

In conclusion, the North High Tech Park and the shared WORKPORT facility are crucial assets and supportive environments for startups in the northern region of Israel. They play a vital role in fostering the growth of the Israeli high-tech industry in the north, serving as a hub for thriving Israeli startups in the northern ecosystem.

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