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Hi-Tech Park North is expanding! The second building is in the midst of a construction process and is expected to be ready for occupancy in the summer of 2023.

North Hi-Tech Park.

The Building

The building will cover an area of 9,700 square meters. This is the second construction project in number, as part of the huge project led by the park management to build 8 buildings with a total area of about 87,000 square meters.

The park attracts startup companies from the entire northern region that are looking for an opportunity to expand and even companies from the center that are looking for a high-quality and advanced work environment, while significantly reducing the costs of rent and services for offices, in view of the uncertainty in the economy and the high-tech industry in particular.

9,700 square meters

The Location

The location of the park is near the northern section of Highway 6 and abuts the new ‘Achihud’ train station located between Acre and Karmiel, thus ensuring easy and quick access to the park. The area is recognized as a Development Zone A, which grants companies operating there tax discounts and investment grants and other benefits that the state subsidizes in order to encourage the promotion of the high-tech sector in the Galilee.

  • Recognized as a Development Zone A

We’ll find the right talents for you

We also employ a professional recruiter on our behalf whose entire role is to help the companies that inhabit the park find the high-quality and relevant human capital for them, from a huge and high-quality database we have.

Easy and quick access to the park

Haifa | 20 Min
Acre | 10 Min
Carmiel | 7 Min
Train - Ahihud Station
Haifa | 30 Min
Acre | 20 Min
Carmiel | 10 Min
Bus Lines
15 Minutes from the train
8 Min Ride
Shuttle Service
By Train Schedule

The project

Hi-tech Park North is a unique project of national importance that arose out of a vision to produce regional change through the establishment of an employment center for engineering and high-tech professions at an international level.

By creating thousands of jobs available in the fields of research and development, the park creates value and contributes to regional economic and social growth while realizing the relative advantages of the region.

The Companies

The second building joins building A, which covers an area of approximately 12,000 square meters with a very high level of finish, and is fully occupied by a variety of hi-tech companies and technological startups in a variety of fields

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